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With: Susan Leahy MA.CSP
Creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple


Chair a Meeting With Confidence Program

Become a more confident and skilled meeting chairperson.
Learn to manage both the "process" and "people" sides of meetings.
Power up your command of Robert's Rules of Order when chairing.
Powerful tools and techniques for handling difficult participants.
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Chairing is a learned skill


As the board chair you have the single largest impact on the success or failure of the meeting. When you know what you are doing, things go well. When you don't, it can be a disaster.
But, most board chairs receive little to no training on how to run formal meetings using Robert's Rules of Order, and becoming a confident, competent chairperson is a skill that has to be learned.


Chair a Meeting With Confidence is a one of a kind course that will teach you how to successfully manage both the "people" and "process" sides of the meeting so that you feel more confident and competent when chairing meetings that use Robert's Rules of Order.
This training will not only help you become an expert in the decision making "process" (Robert's Rules) it will also set you up for success when dealing with the "people" in your meetings, which many time is the trickiest part of being a chair. Because after all, being able to manage both the "people" and "process" sides is crucial to being a successful chairperson.


1- How to excel at the "people" side of meetings

  • A process to develop a powerful chairing mindset.

  • Techniques for setting an effective meeting context.

  • A system for engaging members by creating a healthy board dynamic.

  • Tools for dealing with difficult meeting participants.
  • How to make effective interventions that keep meetings on track.
  • Ways to increase positive participation in your meetings.
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2- How to master the "process" side of meetings

  • Get proficient with the fundamentals of Robert's Rules of Order.

  • Learn to handle the "7 Fundamental Motions" used in most meetings.
  • Strategies to effectively handle discussion and voting.
  • A simple way to handle both information and business items.
  • How to write meeting scripts that keep your meeting on track.
  • Powerful facilitation tips to manage online meetings.
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What people are saying about "Chair a Meeting With Confidence"...

...gave me the tools and confidence... | ...truly useful knowledge... | ...learned more than I did from a 4-day course...

“Susan, I learned more from your program than I did from a 4-day course that cost me $6,500. This week I had to chair my first ever board meeting that was attended by industry experts and the federal government, and it went great!"

-National association chair

“Thank-you Susan. Your course was outstanding. You somehow managed to reach inside my brain and turn all the jumbled things that I have learned about chairing over the years into truly useful knowledge."

Bruce Devlin
-International association chair
“I had never chaired a formal meeting before, and was EXTREMELY nervous! Susan’s course gave me the tools and the confidence to lead my board in a caring, compassionate manner. I not only surprised the members of my board, I surprised myself!”
Charlene Watson
-Sorority board chair

Who this course is for:

Chairpersons of:
Professional associations
Homeowner/condo boards
Non-profit boards
Tribal councils
College & university boards
Greek organizations
City/state governments
Church boards
Any board that uses Robert's Rules of Order
Scene from training video

After taking "Chair a Meeting With Confidence" you will...

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Feel more confident when running meetings

No more feeling stressed about meetings. Thanks to the tools you will learn, you will go into your meetings well-prepared, organized, and feeling good.

Be able to deal with difficult board members

This course provides powerful techniques to keep meetings on track by making interventions to correct poor meeting behavior without creating conflict.

Have a solid command of Robert's Rules

Thanks to our tested and proven system you will quickly master the essentials of Robert's Rules of Order and will soon be leading meetings with confidence.

Earn the respect of your board members

When you’re confident and competent leading meetings, not only are the meetings more productive, you win the respect of your colleagues.
Supercharge your success

Personal chair coaching also available...

Choose the "NAME OF BUNDLE" version during checkout to add live, personal coaching with Susan at 50% off the regular rate!
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Meet the Instructor:

Susan Leahy MA.CSP

Creator - Robert's Rules Made Simple
Susan Leahy is the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple. She has been working with board chairs and teaching leadership for over 20 years.
Susan's courses are used by over 10,000 boards across North America to run better, more effective meetings.

Chair a Meeting With Confidence Includes:

-YOU GET: 9 Video Modules

  • 1- Welcome and Overview
  • 2- The Role of the Chair
  • 3- Healthy Board Dynamics
  • 4- The "People" Side of Meetings
  • 5- "Process"
  • 6- Tools for Chairs
  • 7- Keeping the Meeting Moving
  • 8- Putting It All Together
  • 9- BONUS: Chairing Virtual Meetings

-YOU GET: The Robert's Rules Made Simple Individual Training Program

The proven course used by over 10,000 boards

Contents include:

  • The main motion
  • Amendments
  • Amend the amendment
  • Refer to a committee
  • Postpone to a certain time
  • Lay on the table
  • Previous question
  • Voting procedures
  • Debating protocols

-YOU GET: 3 eBook and Audiobook Downloads

Chair a Meeting With Confidence eBook

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What to Say When - Meeting Scripts for Chairs

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Confident Public Speaking eBook and Audiobook

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-YOU GET: 4 Extra Invaluable Resources

Chair Cheat Sheet

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Chair Quick Script

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Meeting Script - Point of Order

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General Rules & Decorum for Debate

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-YOU GET: Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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Course Sections:

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The one-of-a-kind course for chairs.

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100% online course - learn at your own pace.
  • Video based course - eBooks - Extra resources.
  • Includes the Robert's Rules Made Simple Individual Training Program.
  • Flexible and effective.

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The core online course plus live personal coaching and a custom meeting script.
  • Includes 1 x 60 minute personal coaching session with Susan Leahy.
  • Includes custom meeting script. 
  • Includes 2 x 1 hour QuickStart Webinars. 

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V2 NAME plus online training for your entire board.
  • Our most complete package.
  • Includes access to the Robert's Rules Made Simple Individual Training Program for up to 25 board members.
  • A total board training solution.
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